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First Day of School


The school year starts yearly Saturday morning in school gathering place. First, M.Mazvydas LHS students and their families gather at the Northrop elementary school to see classes, meet new friends and get textbooks. 

Afternoon everybody goes to Haiwatha lake park to celebrate the First  day of school. Children share a summer memories, introduce themself to new friends and feaste on a cake inscibed "Sveika Mokykla"

(Hello School).

New school year starts in good mood!




Easter Celebration

The school holds it's Easter celebration the week after Easter.  All of the children try their hand at traditional Lithuanian Easter egg dying with wax designs, become acquainted with Easter traditions and taste Easter goodies. After eating, the children happily play rolled eggs, test their egg's strength and search for the golden egg.   The celebration brings much joy for the little ones.  The older children broad their knowledge about LIthuanian Eastertime customs and traditions.



February 16th Celebration


Every year M. Mazvydas Lithuanian School and LACMN come together to commemorate Lithuania's independence and the creation of the republic. Students prepare a short program and celebrate together with community Lithuanian Independent Day.

What's new


September 9 th, 2023

10:00 am


First day of school!

December 16 th, 2023

Traditional Christmas celebration at school

March 04 th, 2023


Independance Day Celebration (Vasario 16-ta)

April 8 th, 2024


 Traditional Easter observance at school

May 18 th, 2024


 Last day of school

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