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Welcome to our school!

Native Lithuanian speaking teacher uses The Communicative method of learning Lithuanian. Studens at school build vocabulary that meets everyone’s needs; practice questions and answers with each other and with the teacher; listen and repeat, to listen and repeat–greetings and common daily expressions, vocabulary, questions and answers, sentences; devote some time to Lithuanian culture, customs, history, and to learn a couple of Lithuanian songs – as students will desire. 


​M. Mažvydas Lithaunian Heritage School is an informal educational institution for expatriate Lithuanians.  This type of school is fueled by the enthusiasm of families and teachers.  Typically, these schools are run by a committee of parents, who find teachers, rent a space, financially support the workings of the school, manage the school, etc. See:  Švietimo Tarybos įstatimai (Board of Education Guidelines).


Children's registration for the 2023-24 school year starts May 1th until September 15th.  Registered students will be assigned a group and teacher for the school year.  Textbooks and workbooks for the year will be specified.  


Please e-mail completed registration form to:


Payments may be made on the first day of school. Please contact the school director if your family needs financial assistance. Every Minnesotan child will be given the opportunity to learn Lithuanian.




Vilma P. Alkhas

School Director

School is open

September 09 th, 2023


May 18 th, 2024


More information:

Vilma P. Alkhas

Tel. 612-724-4100



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