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About Martynas Mažvydas LHS

Since 1999 the school has served as a place for parents and children in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas to come together and socialize with others in Lithuanian. The school association seeks to foster Lithuanian language and culture in Minnesota; teach children to speak, read and write in Lithuanian; and to find different ways to engage social interactions among children and parents in Lithuanian, attract children who wish to learn Lithuanian, and attract adults with a pedagogical acuity or teacher's passion to work in a school.

The children are taught according to their language level following the principles and guidelines set by the U.S. Lithuanian American Community Education Council, which oversees smooth operations of Lithuanian schools in America. Teachers continually perfect their skills, attending education qualification courses not only in America but also in Lithuania.


Martynas Mažvydas Lithuanian Heritage School association members welcome new families living in the area to join them in raising their children in the Lithuanian spirit. The larger our group, the more enjoyable and easier it becomes to reach our goals!


Vilma P. Alkhas

School  Director


Every Lithuanian School's mission -- to raise children with awareness of their Lithuanian heritage; to teach them to speak, read and write Lithuanian, instilling a love for the language; to acquaint them with the nation's history, customs and traditions; to introduce them to Lithuania's political structure, economics and international ties, so that they may uphold their Lithuanian identity and foster their own connection to Lithuania. All of this may be accomplished with parental support of the school and active involvement in their children's education.


Martynas Mažvydas Lithuanian School was founded in Minnesota in 1999.  Rasa Jakštienė served as its first director.  She taught at the school until 2009, when she relocated to California.  In the Fall, Rita Urbonienė and Laima Adomavičienė directed the school until Rita moved to Virginia.  Vilma P. Alkhas, with Kristina Liaugaudaitė Howland's help, assumed the leadership reins and currently manage planning and operations of the school.

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